Saturday, March 31, 2007

Art Blogging

I began "An Ode to Art and Beer" with a few specific goals in mind. First, to rate beer - for anyone who drinks it. Second, to discuss art - for anyone who loves how-tos, WIPs, and lessons learned. There are so many "art bloggers" out there whose sole focus is showing artwork. It's a great venue to keep collectors and fans up-to-date about what you have on the easel, and to sell art. However, I focus my blog on the process of making art, not the end result.

I'm on a journey of learning. My successes and setbacks as an artist are being recorded with the hope that someone will find the information useful in their own journey. My "Links" section contains the blogs of other artists whose goals are similar - they aren't just there for the end result. That said, I would like to post more often than weekly, but time is precious. So I'm considering throwing in some completed artwork posts during the week, and continuing with the beer and "lessons learned" posts on the weekends.

My desire for constructive criticism also gave me an idea: to set up a website for all of us artists who want to improve, where we could get valuable critiques and do the same for others. That'd be the sole purpose of the site. If any of you readers are interested in participating in a site like that, please comment & let me know.


Nathan's foray into website design introduced me to the realm of Wordpress. I have long felt restricted by the formats Blogger allows, and having built my own website, I knew I could do a lot more outside the confines of Blogger. I downloaded Wordpress and have a new blog URL: I've migrated all the relevant archives and comments, so it's an exact copy of the Blogger site. This site will remain as-is, but I won't post here anymore. Update your bookmarks now to see new content!

With the freedom of hosting my own blog, I'm also looking into making money with it. It will come in the form of Sponsored Links, so that whenever I talk about a particular product, I'll link to a site where you can buy it. I will also have a "Meg Recommends" page with all past product links. For example, has an affiliates program, and if a reader buys a product after clicking the link on my blog, I get a small cut. So, if you want to buy something at, doing so through pays me. (bwahaha!) If you do, I'll bake cookies for you.

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