Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I'm tired. Very. Therefore, I don't want to go to the gym. Why should I go? Because I'll turn into a lardass if I don't. Why? It's all about survival.

As Quinn has articulated, we have an ass-backwards way to survive. What do we need to live? Technically, only food, water, and shelter from the potentially damaging elements (like weather). Where to get these? Water comes from the tap, and although the water-purifier salesman proved there's a lot of bad stuff in it, I'd still rather drink it than the rainwater that (rarely) sits in puddles in my backyard. Food comes from the garden. However, splitting the daily pickings of 5 slug-eaten berries, 3 black beans, and a tiny pepper between two people isn't going to cut it. So I buy food. Need money to buy food, water, and the land where my garden grows.

So I go to work. Being a supposedly smart and well-educated person, I sit at a desk for at least 8 hours a day. Sit. Type. Mouse. When I get up to pee, my butt is usually numb. My wrists are falling apart because of it. Also, I have to go to the gym and exercise so that I don't become unhealthy and live the rest of my shortened life in pain. Gym and doctor also cost money.
So here's how we survive: we work in a sedentary way for most of the day to get money. We spend money on improving our health at the gym and doctor. We spend money on food, water, and shelter. Does anyone notice the middleman? Anyone?

My plan is to get rid of that middleman. I want to change work-money-survive to work-survive. I'll grow and raise my food. I'll live somewhere the water is clean (good luck with that). I'll build my shelter. I won't need to go to the gym, because my work will not include sitting on my ass all day. Why do we do things the more complicated way, with the middle man?

Don't tell me... I know. And it's depressing.

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