Sunday, June 18, 2006


So I try for dozens of hours to get Gallery working on my website. So many people use it and the results look great. So I try and struggle and nothing is working quite right. Finally I figure out that my server has PHP safe mode enabled and Gallery can't work with safe mode. So I e-mail Delta Web Hosting to have them disable it - but they won't. LET'S MAKE IT HARD FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON, SHALL WE? MWAHAHAHA!

So I go to check if older versions of Gallery work in safe mode, only to find that their web page is down. Sigh. Looks like I'll probably have to switch hosting services, since mine is retarded (they also don't allow telnet).

Oh yeah, Happy Dad's Day!

Speaking of which, will someone of the class Aves please mate with that mockingbird already? He sits on the same light pole day and night, yelling in sexual frustration. Someone put him out of his misery. Please.

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