Tuesday, May 30, 2006


We have a cardinal nest in our yard! It's in a small tree, at eye height. I think it's the same pair that got through building an entire nest on our porch before they realized that the big ugly mammals come out there every day. So they moved to the tree, which the big ugly mammals only pass every other day. I walked by it with the hose today, yelling to N about the mockingbirds that are putting holes in our garage, and the mama cardinal flew off in a huff and yelled at me for the next half hour. I am properly chastized, and will no longer walk by yelling about anything, since I can't be sure if it was the noise that offended her or the subject matter.

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RJ said...

If you've got problems with birds digging at wood, you can smear it with a mix of Crisco and either Tabasco or Cayenne Powder.