Sunday, May 21, 2006

Moot Controversies

Saw the Da Vinci Code. OK movie, certainly not Tom Hanks' best, and Ian McKellen, as usual, stole the show.

Seeing the movie reminded me of the fact that the novel stirred up so much controversy about the "Truth." There are several reasons that I think this novel and movie are not controversial. First: It's fiction. Second: Even if a living relative of Mary M. could be proven with DNA, there's no way to connect that to Jesus, since we're lacking his DNA. Third: So what if there is a descendant of Jesus? To me, that doesn't suggest anything about his divinity or lack thereof. According to what did get in the Bible, God had a son, so why couldn't his son have a heir? Some say Jesus was divine, and so exempt from the flesh and its associated temptations. But he was born, died, ate, slept, defecated, and performed the general body functions required for life. Why not reproduce? Why does that one act exempt him from divinity? I don't get the issue. Of course, I'm not very impassioned about the divinity of that particular person, so maybe I'm too distanced from the issue to let zeal get in the way of reason.

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