Thursday, May 04, 2006

How to Make Money

Every time I see those "bling" rims, I am astounded anew at the propensity of our society to buy useless material things. Not only will they buy it, they will pay exorbident percentages of their hard-earned* paycheck on it. WHY?

A conversation would go something like this:
Me: You spent money on that. (Points at rims)
Random Bling Guy: Yes.
Me: That.
RBG: Yep.
Me: WHY?
RBG: It's cool.

This is my best guess at a reason. But I need a better idea of the real reason, because if I figure out why people spend tons of money on worthless crap, then I can get rich doing it. The best I've come up with yet is a kitty litter scoop with smaller holes, because let's face it, the cat pee never stays in that nice little clump they show in commercials. It breaks into itty bits of wet litter that are many times larger than one grain, but small enough to fit through the holes in any existing commercial scooper. But I haven't had the gumption to fabricate one yet, likely because the prototype would require a soldering iron.

* This is a guess. It could be easily- or non-earned money, but hard-earned is much more grievous.

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