Friday, April 21, 2006

The Tornado Siren Quandary

I had trouble falling asleep during a storm last night because of the storms 2 weeks ago. Those storms produced not one, but two tornados in my county, and other than a few half-awake minutes going "fzqbh?," I slept blissfully through the entire thing. I woke up because the wind was noisy, thought I maybe heard a siren, told myself to stop scaring myself, and slept soundly again.

This, after 4 years of living right across the street from one of those blasted sirens. Every time it stormed, I'd brace myself (for hours at a time), waiting for it to go off. It was so loud I couldn't think. The worst part was the waiting. It's very stressful sitting on the edge of your sofa or lying in bed, waiting for the moment when the silence is suddenly shattered by the ear-piercing wail. Adrenaline flows. I'm surprised I didn't give myself a heart attack.

So which is worse, not hearing the siren and maybe getting blown away blissfully in your sleep, or jittering through dozens of false alarms and giving yourself a stress-induced heart attack?

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